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Adwords Ad Disapproved for Seemingly Fine Ad (Clarity and relevance)

So, I was working with Adwords recently and I made a custom set of image ads. It was a set of image ads that were actually previously approved by Google, however, this time when I uploaded them they were not. I was about to just find out that Google Adwords moderators had got a lot stricter on what information needs to be displayed in new ads.

This is not something you will hear from your account manager. Mine couldn’t understand why the ad was disapproved either.

I found this out through trial and error.

As stated by Google https://support.google.com/adwordspolicy/answer/6021546?hl=en-GB#326 in their rules for display:

Make sure that you include your product name, company name, logo or Display URL in your promotion. For animated ads, please ensure that once the animation has ceased, the final static frame clearly displays identifying information such as a product or company name, logo or Display URL.

However, if you have seen Google Ads before you will notice they are not very good at implementing this rule. You can have an ad running that does not show a product name or company name and many don’t.

However, it is hard to understand that this is the problem. The only message you will get in your email is:

Ad Text:


Ad Status: Disapproved
Ad Issue(s): Clarity and relevance

—> To keep our ads professional and effective, we don’t allow ads that are unclear, confusing, low quality or that make unsupported claims. Ads also need to lead users to relevant content and accurately reflect the business, product or service that’s promoted on your site. Edit your ad to make it easy to read and specifically related to what’s promoted on your landing page.

But this is deceptive in itself. Once I added my company name to all my ads they were approved.


Google OAuth Login

I was trying to implement Google logins last night for a site of mine. The documentation was hazy at times and Google wasn’t giving me any decent answers (and Stack Overflow was even more useless) so I came up with this which works: google-php.

It includes a sample page showing how to get information about a user from Google. Of course, I come back on this morning and did another search with a fresh head and found that Google have actually released their own official version: google-api-php-client. This API library is not linked from their documentation pages so you have to search Google for it with exactly the right term, I think I used “Google oauth logins php”.

I am however, sticking with mine since mine actually is smaller, simpler, and easier to use.

It is tailored specifically for website logins and is not really designed for long processing of output from a user API.