BuddyPress, Peepso and Others Are Not Viable WordPress Social Network Plugins

I was asked today to install Peepso for someone who wanted a private social network.

Aside from the obvious points of how this is a terrible idea, there is an even bigger problem.

I pointed out that these WordPress installs are awful and should never be used in production.

After, he asked “Why?” To which I replied “It uses only Ajax for everything” As you can guess, he then replied “Ajax?”

My final statement was: “Yes, Ajax. It allows for the notifications and chat you see, however, all of these plugins means a page opens about 3 concurrent Ajax connections and many browsers, including Chrome, limit number the of concurrent Ajax connections in a single browser session to 6 which means someone can only have your page open on two browser tabs…”

More than one WordPress developer obviously did not know that to create a set of plugins that cannot get around that problem, this is why WordPress developers are rarely web developers.


9 thoughts on “BuddyPress, Peepso and Others Are Not Viable WordPress Social Network Plugins

    1. Yes, 100% true. It is very scary to think of how many actually pay for this sub-standard coding. If they cannot even get a basic concept like this then what else do they not understand? This is why I hate people who say “I learnt WordPress so I am a web developer” because you really are not.

  1. Hello. I am a kind of mediocre to web development and was trying to create a small social networking forum kinda thing for my college just for fun. It wont have much traffic or wont occupy large volume. So I just wanted to know weather buddypress would be an option for me?

      1. Well I, a student will be starting it, and if everything goes on well, I can expect around 500 users. Still a no?

    1. Hmm, I am leaning towards no, but it could be a yes under the right circumstances. It all depends on usage etc etc. But if the site were to ever get even a little bigger than it would be a no.

    1. Definitely, and, if done right, it would be very complex and expensive. If someone offers to build a cheap one then I would suggest you run because they clearly are not telling you the truth.

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