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Disable Yii2 CSRF on Specific Actions


namespace common\components;

use Yii;

class Request extends \yii\web\Request
    public $noCsrfRoutes = [];

    public function validateCsrfToken()
        if (
            $this->enableCsrfValidation &&
            in_array(Yii::$app->getUrlManager()->parseRequest($this)[0], $this->noCsrfRoutes)
        ) {
            return true;
        return parent::validateCsrfToken();

Then, add the request component to your configuration like so:

'request' => [
    'class' => 'common\components\Request',
    'noCsrfRoutes' => [

4 thoughts on “Disable Yii2 CSRF on Specific Actions

  1. There is a much quicker way of doing this in your controller.

    class MyController extends Controller
    public $enableCsrfValidation = false;


  2. I had to disable this csrf check in two actions. In controller
    public function init()
    $this->on(self::EVENT_BEFORE_ACTION, function(ActionEvent $event) {
    if (in_array($event->action->id, [‘save’, ‘load’])) {
    $this->enableCsrfValidation = false;

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