Why I am a Little Annoyed With Stack Overflow Currently

Ok, so as the title goes, I am a little annoyed with StackOverflow currently and my participation in the site has dropped to almost none.

As a bit of background I have been active on SO (StackOverflow) for about 2 years, this problem has only been occuring for about the last 4 months with the arrival of another user.

Before you get any ideas, no, I am not going to rant about the failures of the site, save for one. The reason for my retreat from SO is because of one user, who when he speaks, uses the most foul language at this disposal save for actual swear words.

Some examples of what words he has used (to describe me and other users, including moderators):

– Clown
– Fool
– Idiot
– Whining Bitch
– Foolish
– Probably more but I have forgotten

Along with using his reputation as a weapon to insult me and attempt to get upvotes over me (WTF?). I mean this is the sort of user (he did do this by the way) that turns around and says he is authorative because of how many years he has been grinding the same knowledge is ascertained in University.

Even though it is quite fun to see him rage out from start to finish at first it does quickly become tiresome and now I barely even bother to go on SO due to the abuse. The user in question uses this to his advantage to weaponise his reputation gain over me even further.

This does come down to the bad apple theory ( http://blog.codinghorror.com/the-bad-apple-group-poison/ ) laid out by Jeff some while back whereby this single user is starting to poison the experience for others. It is not only me who is being affected and this user has attacked other users as well.

Now I am not perfect, I must admit that I attempted to defend myself and on one question where he added verbal abuse in the comments of my answer I went upto his own and pointed out a flaw in his answer. However, unlike this user I have not resorted to verbal or hateful abuse of others, nor have I lost my temper and neither have I ever placed comments that were not at least helpful to the OP. The comments I placed merely pointed out things in the answer, which as I say to this user:

“You are perfectly free to say my answer is wrong and discuss it with me but have some manners. Do not abuse other users.”

He has recently purposefully sought out my answers, downvotes, then plants some verbal abuse on it using 3 or more of the words in the at the top of this page. He will also make a reference to “why are you posting in this space, your so useless”.

Now I must admit that on one said answer of this other users I did get carried away and wrote like 30 comments, however, the OP agreed with me on my comments and found them particularly helpful. I did not devolve into verbal abuse or hate, I merely used my knowledge of said technology to actually provide holes in the answer. I did not have the knowledge available to me to answer the question as such I was interested to know the answer too and I got carried away with wanting to know. So much so that I used to own knowledge as a benchmark to test out other peoples answers.

This however does come down to a question, if I am able to provide constructive and meaningful responses and the user is unwilling to engage to respond and answer (to which the OP agrees with my comments) then why is that user answering that question? You would imagine that an answer should be water tight, if there are problems in its consistency and building wouldn’t you seek to fix them? Otherwise you are lieing about your knowledge of the subject are you not?

Despite that I did get almost suspended for that activity and it was used by the moderator this time around as a means to justify suspending me against the other users verbal abuse.

I have been suspended and warned the same and this comes down to the problem, a problem which will make me look self righteous.

I have been able to back the moderator in question into a corner whereby the moderator just refuses to answer my last question because they are ineffective to fix the problem. Their last reponse to me (a thread which started out blaming me) was:

My suggestion would be if other user is rude to you, then flag either the comment or the post for a moderator to review instead of engaging them. There is no point in engaging them at that point, that is when a moderator should step in to handle it.

To which I replied:

As I said I have been here before, it goes no-where.

It is all well and good saying to do that but it doesn’t work, he carries on saying that the moderators agree with him and then verbally abusing moderators (look at the responses on my linked question for the PHP).

That is why I reply, that seems to be the only thing that makes him stop after a while. If I defend myself enough from him he eventually gets tired and moves on.

This reply has left the moderator ineffective to solve the problem, the said user will carry on his antics after suspension abusing me and other users without caring for manners. If I try and do anything about it from now on I will also be banned (deleted) from the site.

Effectively this one user has ruined my entire experience of SO and I have no doubt he is ruining other peoples too with the amount that he attacks other users.

This is what happened last time and even contacting SO themselves results in this response. The fact that the moderators and SO themselves cannot come up with a better one has made me tired of dealing with the abuse I recieve from this one user, as such I no longer visit SO and will most likely be looking for another site to replace it soon.


3 thoughts on “Why I am a Little Annoyed With Stack Overflow Currently

    1. I have anoned him intentionally, it is very bad to point fingers, all I can confirm is that as of right now he is actually suspended yet again for his behaviour…seems I was right.

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