PHP convert duration timestamp to date() syntax

I fond out while using:

date('H:i:s', $time);

That it actually returns incorrectly. It would keep returning an extra hour. I found this was due to DST. So I quickly put my thinking cap on and botched together this:

    function get_time_string(){
        $time = 3600+(60*32)+(50); // 01:32:50
        $time_string = '';

	$hours = (int)($time/(60*60));
	if(strlen($hours) > 1){
		$time_string = $hours.':';
		$time_string = '0'.$hours.':';

	$minutes = (int)(($time%(60*60))/(60));
	if($minutes >= 1){
		if(strlen($minutes) > 1){
			$time_string .= $minutes.':';
			$time_string .= '0'.$minutes.':';

		$seconds = (int)(($time%(60*60))%(60));
		if(strlen($seconds) > 1){
			$time_string .= $seconds;
			$time_string .= '0'.$seconds;
		$time = (int)$time;
		if(strlen($time) > 1){
			$time_string .= '00:'.$time;
			$time_string .= '00:0'.$time;
	return $time_string;

This function will now correctly convert any timestamp into the needed date notation with fear of DST or other time factors intervening.

This function is without optimisations however if you feel bold and have made the changes needed to make this function faster feel free to post it and I’ll update my post.


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