Netbooks, What’s the point?

I went out shopping for some new stuff for my computer last week and as I browsed across the electronic stores I found that most of them have huge displays of netbooks now-a-days and this brought me very nicely onto the thought of netbooks. Until recently I didn’t really think anything of them and thought they had their use but the more I try and place my finger on their use the more I think I’d rather a smart phone or a real laptop. I have had to come to undeniable conclusion that no matter how cool netbooks may be they are absolutely pointless.

Ok lets take my own life as an example of this, until recently I was going to uni everyday on the train. Now this would seem like the perfect place to use a netbook right? Wrong I used a laptop since I wanted to correlate my work from uni on one computer and a netbook just cannot handle my work. This is just one example of where a net-book holds false ground. I saw on the train (around last christmas) an average person who had come out from christmas shopping using a netbook. Again a scenario like this seems perfectly acceptable but then why have something that takes half an hour (since they mostly come with Windows and no one else knows how to install or use Linux) to startup and connect to the Internet when you could just get an iphone and connect instantly without waiting…not only that but an iphone can go into your pocket whilst a net-book can’t…

So with this in mind I start to ask myself what good is a Net-book? If they are out smarted by a real laptop and a smart phone in conditions where they should outsmart their opponents doesn’t that make it kinda dumb idea?


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