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The joys of Apple Mac

I am very annoyed with Apple Mac at this time. One of my friends who has just sent an email to me attached important information in the form of a web page (strangely needed). Now when I went to open this webpage I couldn’t, instead all I got was a white page. Reason? because he had built it with some default webpage building wizard (probably called iletsmessupthelifesofanyonewithoutsafari) and that default wizard had written the code for Safari (more importantantly Mac only) software so when I looked in the code of the webpage I saw nothing except a bunch of tags and elements that were just plain jibberish. Thank you Mac for once again showing us that you know nothing about web development.

And even now the only way to view the page would be to download Safari (and all its resource hogging, pain in the ass to stop from loading with Windows) software and run it on my machine. What a performance just to view something made in a “tendy and hip” OS…


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